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Tennis pleasure in Marmaris

Summer Tennis Schools Start

Winter Tennis School Start

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  • Tennis pleasure in Marmaris

  • Summer Tennis Schools Start

  • Winter Tennis School Start

  • Homemade flavors from our club cafe

  • We decorated the club café for Christmas...


Marmaris Tennis Academy aims teaching tennis to our children and youth in a professional manner under the guidance of specialized trainers and ameliorate emerging tennis at marmaris


Our tennis schools which are categorised for every age and experience is the best place for everyone who wants to start playing tennis or to develop and improve their abilities.

Our primary goal as Marmaris Tennis Academy is to maximize the performance of our players according to their skills, and also to create a system to educate our players to be at every stage of the tennis and as doing this we want to contribute growing and developing tennis in every manner.

We want our kids at young ages to gain the habit of doing sports regularly for their physical improvement. Besides, we want them to understand the behavior and perspectives of tennis and more importantly to be happy playing tennis even when losing and winning. Nonetheless, we want to improve tennis sport in our country by increasing our players performances to upper levels with modern education and training methods. We also aim for our beginner adult players to play tennis as soon as possible with programs and courses especially designed for them.

Our academy incorporates with 7 tennis coach who has coach certificates given by Turkey Tennis Federation. Every year we follow all education and development seminars runned by Turkey Tennis Federation and our coaches attend these seminars to learn improved new techniques. By this means we can teach and make tennis more enjoable for all our players.

In our Academy, it has been arranged a total of 24 tournaments organized by Turkey Tennis Federation for different age categories which 4 of them from 2011, 5 from 2012, 5 from 2013, 5 from 2014 and 5 from 2015. In 2016, we will held 1 International Men Future Tournament and various national tournaments.

In 2015 we have decided to renew our academy completely. We started renewing all of the fences which followed by revising all our court floors to international standarts. Now we have blue colored tennis courts which suits well with Marmaris. Additionally, we repainted our training wall to appear better. We also began to replant to make our academy greener and more environmental than ever. Our renovation work will continue.